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    Quarantine – Do What Makes You Happy

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I am feeling and processing this quarantine day by day. Being a mom of a three year old who is an only child can be rough in quarantine some days. He gets restless of being in the house and goes bizerk letting all his energy out. He keeps asking to do our normal activities and outings, I explain that everyone is sick and we cannot do them. He usually replies with a long exaggerated “whyyyyyyy?” And he never truly understands, which has me explaining it to him every day.

    Having him also brings up anxiety of “omg I have to take all precautions to make sure he will be healthy”. Being a three year old boy who likes to touch and put his hands in his mouth, you can probably understand the anxiety. Since I work for myself, I not only do I have to worry about him being healthy, I have to make sure that I’m doing all I can to provide for him, while still making sure he is healthy.

    This allllllllllllll gets me to my main point. If someone is having a bad day in isolation and say they might lose it. LET ‘EM!!! If someone is having anxiety throughout the quarantine, LET ‘EM! If someone has to use the quarantine to regain sanity and take a break, LET ‘EM! If someone is just trying to survive through the quarantine and doesn’t have time to learn a new skill or better their situation because they are just simply trying to survive, LET THEM!

    You have no idea the life some people walk, the battles they face, therefore YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO JUDGE THEM. If you want to be precise, that’s god’s job! Some people were working hard to change their situation before COVID-19. Some of them almost had it. Now, that work gets back tracked because they now have to figure out a new way to survive along with whatever else may be happening in their lives. You can’t blame everyone for the situation they’re in. Unfortunately some were born, thrown, or handed the situation. Yes, you can blame them for staying there to long, but with all of the current underlying circumstances, can we just give each other a break?

    Harper Lee said in To Kill a Mockingbird “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Everyone is fighting a battle weather they show it or not. It’s not our place to tell them how to handle their situation, or criticize them for it. Instead be kind. Offer words of encouragement. Be the bright light to someone’s dim day.

    I am writing this to make people aware of a different point of view. I am not ‘losing it’ in quarantine, but there are moments when I have to meditate to remember that there is a higher power that’s has my back. My family and I are healthy at the moment. We are sticking to our house. Following the guidelines if we must go out. I hope it is the very same for you and your families. Hold your littles ones tight. Let them work your nerves, because at least they are here and healthy enough to do it!

    Stay home& stay safe my loves!

    -Jas XOXO