the world is your stage.

I’ve studied dance since attending a classical arts center in middle school. I fell in love with preforming. Which got me into competitive cheer. I could sparkle and shine, dance, stunt, and tumble! It was everything to me. As an adult I chased the same adrenaline to perform. After seeing my first burlesque show I knew that is how I wanted to grace a stage. I reached out to the Ricochet troupe in the fall of 2019, and have been practicing and preforming since then. Burlesque is a strip tease show that includes being sexy, elegance, and dance. I consider my self to be more of a neo burlesque dancer which is an updated version and not classic.


While I was with Ricochet, I met Kitt Karlise and we instantly became friends. There was something about the magic and creative energy in the room when we choreograph a dance together. We have been working on Duet numbers to wow the crowd! If you are ever looking for entertainers for your venue, show, or festival let us know!

I also was blessed enough to cross the paths of two amazing dancers Bambi and Blaze, the founders of Trap N Twerk. I met with them to discuss me coaching the TNT Teen team. I agreed and now am a lead choreographer for the team. I also will be offering dance fitness classes provided by Trap N Twerk. Trap N Twerk does have group numbers and are available for booking! Look out for our next appearance.