Body, Mind, and Soul.

It’s Jasmen here! I’m from Dallas, TX, 24 years young and a mother to a beautiful boy Micah. I’ve been freelance modeling for about 4 years and acting for about 3. SInce I was younger I always knew I was a creative. ( I mean common, I am left handed) being so involved in school in sports I never really got to explore my creative passions. Now that I am older, I am making it a point to try everything I show an interest for. This has led me to concept direction during shoots, modeling, and styling. I recently have been big in to creating my own visuals via video and graphics. Though  many believe graphic desing is tedious (because it is) , I really enjoy bring whats in my head to life. I draw my biggest inspiration from music. I am not talented enough to create it, but I can bring to life a stroy bhind it.

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