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    Exploring the statement of not just being, but becoming.

    I listened to a new podcast today. It was about philosophy. Philosophy is Greek for the love of wisdom.  Philosophy is interesting because it explores the fundamental nature of our knowledge, reality, and existence. It is the study of underlying things, when you try to understand the basic reasons for things. When your mind starts to wonder about philosophy you are actively looking to understand fundamental truths about yourself, the world you live in and the relationship between yourself and the world. At times reading or listening to words of philosophy can be mind boggling. But if you can grasp these fundamental truths with an open mind, a new sense of self will emerge. A more open minded, and accountable self will start to show.

    In philosophy the state of becoming is falls under the study of ontology. “Nothing in this world is constant except change, and becoming. Everything is impermanent.” A good statement to make this make sense is “A man never steps in the same river twice.” The river is constantly changing daily. New sediments are getting dropped off, while old ones get carried away. The river is not the same as it was yesterday or a few minutes ago. It is steadily becoming, changing every day. This thought process was introduced by Heraclitus. Heraclitus believed that you and the world around you were constantly changing and evolving, becoming themselves daily. Nothing just is, it is always becoming its self.

    On the opposite hand you have Parmenides who says that “What is, is. And what is not, cannot be.” Parmenides believes that the world around us is not changing, that this is how it is and the changes we see are illusions or a way of opinion. He believes the truth of the world are a single, eternal, and unchanging reality. Earth is Earth as it has always been. A cup is a cup, as it has always been. If you were to say Dragon to Parmenides, he might say “Either dragons are out there; in which case you are uttering a lie, or there are not, in which case your word and your thought are ‘nothing’.”

    To make this make sense in my head I related it to Back 2 the Future. If reality was like Parmenides describes it, Doc Brown going back in time to fix the time line would always be what realities time line planned on. There were no actual changes just an illusion or a thought that there was, when in fact that was eternally how it was forever going to be. If reality is like Heraclitus theorizes, Doc Brown went back in time because of what that future became. It had the ability to change by a course of action. Therefore, the future is not just being, or there.

    Learning about these two theories on reality it got me thinking of a few things:

    1. A part of me wants to agree that things are the way they are eternally. Primarily because I see the history of the world constantly repeating itself. It fields me to believe that this is just the way of the world. Our world is just what it is. It is a being. BUT in contrast, there has been people and events that drastically change how the world runs and what events happen. Right?
    2. On the other hand, WE are constantly changing. I believe, because it’s true for myself, that even after reading this your mentality will change. Is this because you are becoming or were you always meant to achieve this state of mind that you are evolving to, it is apart of your being. Is it just reality that we grow like this?
    3. I often ask this question with language; I believe that many others have the same thought every once in a while. How do we know the word for elephant is elephant? Who made these root words? Did we come up with a series of grunts that defined what we saw, or was an elephant just always meant to be called an elephant?

    In my opinion, I believe that both philosophers in a sense are correct. Things are constantly changing in reality, BUT reality is and cannot change. Meaning we are human beings, but we are constantly becoming or changing. I believe that some things are just the way they are because of science and biology, BUT it is possible to grow and evolve from the biology. Change in its self is eternal, just as Parmenides describes being. So, isn’t becoming essentially a part of being?


    This poses other questions that I thought about. Please comment your answers below because I am very intrigued to hear the answers! Be mindful that there is no right or wrong answers. These topics are deep and discussions only make them easier to understand.

    Do you feel as if change is the only constant thing?

    Is reality just reality or are we constantly building it every day?

    How do you know that what you believe isn’t totally wrong?

    Who gets to give people their view on the order of things?

    Who do you side with? Heraclitus or Parmenides?

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    Quarantine – Do What Makes You Happy

    I don’t know about everyone else, but I am feeling and processing this quarantine day by day. Being a mom of a three year old who is an only child can be rough in quarantine some days. He gets restless of being in the house and goes bizerk letting all his energy out. He keeps asking to do our normal activities and outings, I explain that everyone is sick and we cannot do them. He usually replies with a long exaggerated “whyyyyyyy?” And he never truly understands, which has me explaining it to him every day.

    Having him also brings up anxiety of “omg I have to take all precautions to make sure he will be healthy”. Being a three year old boy who likes to touch and put his hands in his mouth, you can probably understand the anxiety. Since I work for myself, I not only do I have to worry about him being healthy, I have to make sure that I’m doing all I can to provide for him, while still making sure he is healthy.

    This allllllllllllll gets me to my main point. If someone is having a bad day in isolation and say they might lose it. LET ‘EM!!! If someone is having anxiety throughout the quarantine, LET ‘EM! If someone has to use the quarantine to regain sanity and take a break, LET ‘EM! If someone is just trying to survive through the quarantine and doesn’t have time to learn a new skill or better their situation because they are just simply trying to survive, LET THEM!

    You have no idea the life some people walk, the battles they face, therefore YOU HAVE NO ROOM TO JUDGE THEM. If you want to be precise, that’s god’s job! Some people were working hard to change their situation before COVID-19. Some of them almost had it. Now, that work gets back tracked because they now have to figure out a new way to survive along with whatever else may be happening in their lives. You can’t blame everyone for the situation they’re in. Unfortunately some were born, thrown, or handed the situation. Yes, you can blame them for staying there to long, but with all of the current underlying circumstances, can we just give each other a break?

    Harper Lee said in To Kill a Mockingbird “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view… until you climb into his skin and walk around in it.” Everyone is fighting a battle weather they show it or not. It’s not our place to tell them how to handle their situation, or criticize them for it. Instead be kind. Offer words of encouragement. Be the bright light to someone’s dim day.

    I am writing this to make people aware of a different point of view. I am not ‘losing it’ in quarantine, but there are moments when I have to meditate to remember that there is a higher power that’s has my back. My family and I are healthy at the moment. We are sticking to our house. Following the guidelines if we must go out. I hope it is the very same for you and your families. Hold your littles ones tight. Let them work your nerves, because at least they are here and healthy enough to do it!

    Stay home& stay safe my loves!

    -Jas XOXO


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    2020 Vision

    The beginning of a new year is always a weird but exciting place to be. You get to reflect on events and situations of the past. These mistakes you made the losses you took. I hope that we all take time to look at how much we’ve grown and what lessons we learned Perhaps this can be the biggest motivation for you going into 2020.


    Yes, we are entering into a new decade. Don’t state that it will be a new you. Don’t lose your authentic self. Just be an improved you! You know what mistakes you made, you know what problems you had. Use those to make sure you don’t make the same or similar mistakes this year.

    Form new habits.

    Execute plans.

    My biggest mistake this year was beginning to stop believing in myself, I thought the world wanted me to lose my magic. I loved some friends too much and let wanting to be accepted be my biggest driving force for my actions. This set me up for letdowns, frustrations, and loses. I began to reflect too much on my downfalls and my past. I created unnecessary pressure on myself. I assumed opinions of myself from others multiple times which created anxiety and burned bridges. All because of myself.


    The biggest lesson I learned is that you can’t please everybody and please yourself. Some people will not agree or understand. To those people, I don’t have anything to prove or to be sorry for. I can only continue to be myself. I learned that just because my intentions and heart are pure, that does not mean so is everyone else’s. I will always have my best interest at heart and cannot fault anyone for that. I learned to love my self through all the ups and down because my character and persona would have not been built or grown the way that it is now. I learned that the best I can do is be genuine, authentic, and myself. These things will be appreciated by the right people. The people who reciprocate and give the same energy back is who I need to keep in my circle.

    2020 won’t be perfect. But it will be much better. I’m walking into this New Year feeling aware, strong, and mature. I will be confidence, determination, and faith in this next decade. I will continue to self-reflect. Take time to smell the flowers, and open my heart up to loving and being loved again.


    My resolutions:

    Keep growing. Keep reflecting. Keep being open to new concepts. DO NOT SLEEP ON me. Actively chase my dreams harder than ever. Bring back the fire under my ass. Travel as much as I did in 2020. Start a business. Grow ECOnichole. Invest in my son’s future.


    I know a lot of amazing and talented people. I am so blessed to have the memories I have created this last year. I am honored to have the opportunities I had presented to mine. I know that I am highly favored because my support system (family) has only grown stronger.

    This year I am not playing with yall! I’m losing sleep and stepping out of my comfort zone to work hard as hell to make shit happen this year. I sat back for 2 years thinking it was too late for me. My time was just beginning. I’m barely a quarter way through my marathon. So let’s go!


    Things to look out for in 2020:

    • More YouTube videos.
    • More burlesque shows.
    • Aimless fire on fire.
    • Ecofriendly products and events.
    • More acting.
    • And tons more of different dope digital content!


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    The Journey Begins

    Thank you all for joining me for this new year! 2019 has different energy around it. 2018 was my year to make some of my biggest mistakes and learn some of the best lessons. This year I’m buckling down and getting back to chasing my dreams. Life is to short to wonder “what if” or to have FOMO. It’s also too short to care if what people think of you. Fear held me back last year. So this year I have vowed to be F E A R L E S S!! What have you vowed for the new year? We are one month in and is your energy still the same about the new year? I hope this year brings everyone clarity, peaace, and success! If you hve any events happening this year let me know! Thank you to those you have and continue to support me! We are going to murder this year! — Jasmen Gearner