2020 Vision

The beginning of a new year is always a weird but exciting place to be. You get to reflect on events and situations of the past. These mistakes you made the losses you took. I hope that we all take time to look at how much we’ve grown and what lessons we learned Perhaps this can be the biggest motivation for you going into 2020.


Yes, we are entering into a new decade. Don’t state that it will be a new you. Don’t lose your authentic self. Just be an improved you! You know what mistakes you made, you know what problems you had. Use those to make sure you don’t make the same or similar mistakes this year.

Form new habits.

Execute plans.

My biggest mistake this year was beginning to stop believing in myself, I thought the world wanted me to lose my magic. I loved some friends too much and let wanting to be accepted be my biggest driving force for my actions. This set me up for letdowns, frustrations, and loses. I began to reflect too much on my downfalls and my past. I created unnecessary pressure on myself. I assumed opinions of myself from others multiple times which created anxiety and burned bridges. All because of myself.


The biggest lesson I learned is that you can’t please everybody and please yourself. Some people will not agree or understand. To those people, I don’t have anything to prove or to be sorry for. I can only continue to be myself. I learned that just because my intentions and heart are pure, that does not mean so is everyone else’s. I will always have my best interest at heart and cannot fault anyone for that. I learned to love my self through all the ups and down because my character and persona would have not been built or grown the way that it is now. I learned that the best I can do is be genuine, authentic, and myself. These things will be appreciated by the right people. The people who reciprocate and give the same energy back is who I need to keep in my circle.

2020 won’t be perfect. But it will be much better. I’m walking into this New Year feeling aware, strong, and mature. I will be confidence, determination, and faith in this next decade. I will continue to self-reflect. Take time to smell the flowers, and open my heart up to loving and being loved again.


My resolutions:

Keep growing. Keep reflecting. Keep being open to new concepts. DO NOT SLEEP ON me. Actively chase my dreams harder than ever. Bring back the fire under my ass. Travel as much as I did in 2020. Start a business. Grow ECOnichole. Invest in my son’s future.


I know a lot of amazing and talented people. I am so blessed to have the memories I have created this last year. I am honored to have the opportunities I had presented to mine. I know that I am highly favored because my support system (family) has only grown stronger.

This year I am not playing with yall! I’m losing sleep and stepping out of my comfort zone to work hard as hell to make shit happen this year. I sat back for 2 years thinking it was too late for me. My time was just beginning. I’m barely a quarter way through my marathon. So let’s go!


Things to look out for in 2020:

  • More YouTube videos.
  • More burlesque shows.
  • Aimless fire on fire.
  • Ecofriendly products and events.
  • More acting.
  • And tons more of different dope digital content!


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