The Journey Begins

Thank you all for joining me for this new year! 2019 has different energy around it. 2018 was my year to make some of my biggest mistakes and learn some of the best lessons. This year I’m buckling down and getting back to chasing my dreams. Life is to short to wonder “what if” or to have FOMO. It’s also too short to care if what people think of you. Fear held me back last year. So this year I have vowed to be F E A R L E S S!! What have you vowed for the new year? We are one month in and is your energy still the same about the new year? I hope this year brings everyone clarity, peaace, and success! If you hve any events happening this year let me know! Thank you to those you have and continue to support me! We are going to murder this year! — Jasmen Gearner


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